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Created by Experts At The Aston Business School UK

Aston Assessments is former spun-out company from the Aston University’s prestigious business school. We are the official certification awarding and distribution partner of Aston Business Assessments in Pakistan.

Backed by excellent results, the Trait Personality Inventory is a powerful predictor of performance and effectiveness at work, and a comprehensive assessment tool that gives a complete measure of 13 key personality traits. Trait reports include the premium leadership report for top managers and executives, focusing on 10 critical competencies of leadership. Sales report focuses on 5 important must have competencies for sales people. Our industry specific Insurance report explores 6 crucial competencies required by the insurance industry professionals to succeed.

Research Behind Trait

In our scientific studies, we have found strong evidence for the demonstrable value that Trait can bring to managing performance and productivity. The assessment may be applied to predict workplace performance in any sector or role. By drawing on the Big Five personality structure, Trait covers the full personality domain breaking it down into more detailed traits. Talk to a member of our team to access our case studies which demonstrates remarkable accuracy for Trait.

With Trait, you’ll benefit from the latest research in personality and assessment, bringing psychometrics in line with the talent management requirements of today’s workplace. Used in both selection and development of staff across different levels, our complete suite of reports offer suggested interview questions and recommended development needs. As with all our products, ease of use is paramount and the test takes just 15-20 minutes to complete, with clear, highly intuitive, easy-to-read reports for effective implementation.


Trait reports can be used not only for selection and development but the Trait Competency Insights report can used in conjunction with other activities in an assessment center or as a standalone activity to evaluate and develop key management competencies.
Trait reports include Trait Development Report, Trait Selection Report, Trait Premium Leadership Report, Competency Insights report, Trait 360 report, & Trait Sales Profile.

Trait reports can be used for different interventions including:


Hiring & Interviewing


Employee Development




Job Promotions


Job Rotations

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We are the authorized certification awarding and distribution partners of Aston Business Assessments. If you want an organizational package for your team or would like to build internal capability by getting members of your team certified to use this tool please talk to us to get a solution that meets your internal organizational needs.

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