Personality Assessments

Our Personality Assessment Including The MBTI & BIG FIVE
Help You Gain Unique Insights Into Your Personality

According to the latest CIPD Talent & Resourcing global survey nearly 50% of the companies are now using personality tests to make their hiring and development process more meaningful and robust. Research confirms that most productive employees have the ability to understand and regulate one’s own emotions and those of others.

Increasing number of organizations around the world now use psychological assessments in areas of personality identify, retain and develop the top talent. While saving cost and money they help measure a number of characteristics including intelligence, reasoning, motivation, and personality profile.

Our Team

We have a team of Chartered Members of the CIPD, senior psychologists from the British Psychological Society and industry experts. We have a pool of world’s top personality tests to choose from; understanding the client needs and then providing expert advice on the best tool that fits in well with the needs of the organization. Our team includes certified experts in the MBTI and BIG FIVE tests, the two most widely accepted theories of psychological assessments.

About MBTI

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is one of the most popular psychological instruments used in coaching and leadership development by many companies from all sectors of business, including 90 of top Fortune 100 companies.
The BIG FIVE personality traits are one of the best accepted and most commonly used model of personality in academic psychology along with the MBTI. However unlike the MBTI they can also be used for occupational purpose i.e. for hiring and interviewing.

How Personality Assessments Help


Increase Self Awareness


Help employess in realizing their true potential


Provide a clear path for development


Save time and cost in the selection process


Decreased turnover


Improve morale

Our Tools

Some of our tools include MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), Sosie, Giotto, Type Dynamics Indicator, Emotional Intelligence, Orpheus, and Thomas Kilman Instrument. Our assessments also include BIG FIVE tools. We also have 3 tools to help people their key interests and match them with their careers.

Application Of Personality Assessments

Our assessments can be used for leadership development, self-awareness, hiring, employee development, work place integrity, derailment, and promotions within the organization. Our assessments also play a key role in understanding the underlying causes behind communication breakdown and factors causing conflict; providing a clear map for mitigating these factors. They can also be used as a part of the assessment centers.
Our assessments are also frequently used as a starting point for executive coaching sessions. They help provide unique insights into a person’s personality which otherwise are difficult to gain.

Talk to us to learn more about how our personality tests can add value to your hiring and development process.