For the second year in running, Manzar Bashir conducted MBTI Personality tests and assessments as well as MBTI Type training and workshops for participants of US Embassy and Lincoln’s corner in Serena Hotel Islamabad. The topics covered included how to manage time and change using your Myers Briggs Personality type. Each of the 16 personality types of the MBTI has a unique way of responding to situations.  The most important thing to understand is that none of the 16 personality types is the best rather each personality type has unique gifts and certain development areas. It is important to know those key blind spots and development areas.

MBTI® (Myers‐Briggs Type Indicator), since the second world war, has been the most widely researched and applied psychological test and assessment particularly in business settings, C‐level coaching, for problem solving, resolving conflict and leadership development by many companies, including more than 80 out of the top 100 fortune companies. It is arguably the most famous personality test around. However it is a test for self-awareness and is not a personality test for hiring or employment purposes or as a personality test for job interview. Many free personality tests and free career personality tests are available online but they lack the reliability and accuracy and end up doing more harm than good. You should never take a crucial career decision based on a free career test. Always use the services of a qualified expert.  MBTI test, like other tools, should always be taken with a certified practitioner and expert.

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