IQ and Aptitude Tests

Helping You Select The Top Talent Using A Wide Range Of International Ability And Aptitude Tests

Ability testing for employees for their skills is one of the top 4 methods employed by managers worldwide to recruit and select the top talent. By helping companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, pre-employment testing can lead to additional company benefits, such as saving time and cost in the selection process, decreasing turnover, and improving morale.

Our Assessment and Psychology Experts

Our Personality, IQ and Assessment experts are trained and certified from the British Psychological Society, Association for Business Psychology, European Federation of Psychologist Association and the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development UK to make sure that you have access to the best advice and range of personality and IQ tests when it comes to screening and selection of employees.

Our Selection Of Tests

Different departments and industries focus on a number of different skills and they need a reliable and valid IQ and Personality tests which can test the potential employees for those skills. Our tests range from English proficiency tests, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, numeric reasoning, error checking, decision analysis tests, situational judgment tests, customer services, memory attention tests among others.

We create, administer, interpret and manage bespoke personality tests as well as IQ tests for:


Senior managers , managers & professionals


Graduates (Volume Recruitment/Management Trainees)


Sales, customer service and call center staff


Specialized staff (Legal, Finance, IT, HR, Engineering etc)

Application Of IQ Tests

Our IQ and aptitude tests are anchored around a common competency framework to address challenges across the talent cycle from job profiling and screening to performance management and promotions. We manage the complete hiring and selection process based on the strict ethical standards of testing of CIPD, BPS and EFPA.

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