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Until recently it was almost unconventional to suggest 360-degree feedback might supplicate performance appraisals. A survey by Ashridge in 1995 found that 73 per cent of organisations believed that 360 feedbacks should never be linked to pay.

But times have changed. In today’s fast paced organisations, there is often less regular & infrequent contact between managers and their staff. As a result, a lot more companies are now seeing the benefit of using 360 feedback to support the appraisal process. It serves as a useful tool in filling information gaps, untangling competencies and empowering the appraisee.

They are frequently used to help individuals see how       others in their organizations view their competence and behaviors across a range of areas. The 360 methodology is an excellent way to help uncover hidden development areas and drive individuals to improve where their self-perceptions differ significantly from the observation of key stakeholders. Typically, with a 360, an individual’s behaviors and competence is assessed by themselves and rated by:

  • Line Managers
  • Peers
  • Line Reports / subordinates

What does a 360 feedback and 360 appraisal process offer?

  • It is a structured and organized process for effectively assessing a group of candidates
  • The participants answer variety of statements about the assessed person
  • 360º feedback involves a range of people, typically managers, direct reports, peers, being invited to rate the key behaviors and attributes (competencies) of a particular person.
  • It is an objective way of measuring a person’s behaviour, potential and/or capabilities
  • It helps in shortening the gap between what the person thinks of him or herself and what others think of them
  • The 360-degree feedback system adds significant value to all aspects of individual development, useful for kick-starting management coaching and development programs, or as part of appraisals.


Our 360 process is the result of extensive development by leading business psychologists in Europe

These results are then compared to the individual’s own ratings to reveal blind spots and help increase the individual’s awareness of how they demonstrate competence to others. This can often result in surprises for individuals who were unaware of how their behaviors impacted on others, which can have a powerful and positive effect in personal development.

Geographical distances are zeroed out due to the cloud based system of the assessments. All that is needed is internet access and a PC. For each report up to 10 people can share their feedback including the person themselves.

Our 360 feedback surveys have been used at large multinational organizations across the world. Talk to us to start a discussion on how we can add value to your appraisal process. We can also customize the 360 feedback based on your organization’s competencies

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