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Good career choices and progress is made when people have better self-awareness. There is very low emphasis on Pakistan on what our personalities are and to find matching career and subjects through reliable & scientific personality tests but we are changing this.

Potential Mapping has partnered with UK’s most popular career and personality test provider Team Focus in the Pakistan to provide career, personality, values and learning style tests to help students perform better in their education and careers.

Team Focus tests are used by more than 50 top university and college career offices including the Cambridge university and many employers globally and are valued for their ease of access and for providing both personal insights.

Career Interests Inventory
Making a decision about which majors to choose or career to follow is one of the most difficult yet most important tasks students have to do. This requires understanding of our abilities, motivations, interests and personality all of which will have been colored by our experience and education.

When we ask ourselves ‘what do I want to do? Our answers reveal what we see as being exciting, challenging and fun – in short, what we are attracted to. Based on the John Holland’s vocational model, the Career Interests Inventory (CII) examines preferences from three perspectives, so giving a rich and stimulating source of information for exploration of potential career areas & subjects. The perspectives are:
• Interests
• Competencies
• Work styles

The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®)
TDI is the most up-to-date measure of Psychological Type and goes beyond other type tests including the MBTI and can be applied in team building, leadership development, change management and careers guidance.

It captures the essence of Carl Jung’s original thinking to provide a flexible yet penetrating assessment of a person’s personality. Underlying patterns are revealed by exploring the interaction of four dynamic preferences:
• What attracts and energizes us: Extraversion-Introversion;
• How we see the world: Sensing-Intuition;
• How we make decisions: Thinking-Feeling;
• The way we manage the world around us: Judging-Perceiving.

Learning Styles Indicator (LSI)
We each have our own preferred ‘learning style’ and the purpose of the LSI assessment is to help students discover the preferred learning style. LSI makes your learning easier, more effective and more enjoyable in class and during exam preparation.

It also makes you aware of alternative styles because sometimes in life, we have no choice. Our education or our job may require that we take a different approach. LSI can help you become an all-round learner – increasing your flexibility to learn from a wide variety of different experiences; some formal, some informal, some planned and some spontaneous.

Key features of the reports!

• Intuitive Reports
• Attractive design to engage students and enhance the assessment experience;
• Short completion times & high reliability
• Clickable links to job families & career libraries

What Our Experts Will Do For You:


Help you figure out who you are and what you want out of your education, your career, and your life.


Understand and address any concerns you may have regarding your career aspirations; help you sort out, organize, and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.


Help you identify and understand the crucial factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, and values.


Help you locate resources and sources of career information


Help you to determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals


Help you discover your learning styles through international assessments


Help you work on the Emotional Intelligence side to make you mentally stronger

Our tools include the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, The CII, VBiM, and LSQs.
All our assessments are licensed and our educational psychologists are qualified and certified to sue them.
We do not use non validated tools

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