Many professional fields now train in their areas by experiential learning methods. Pilots, the armed forces, medical, police, fire brigade and many others… so why not train the people who work for you the same way?

Our business simulation is an experiential learning tool where participants learn by running a virtual business in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic environment. Our business simulations games help practice and improve business skills, such as business acumen, financial and market analysis, operations, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Most business simulations are used for business acumen training and development.

Why use our well researched and scientific simulations?

See what works by imitating reality

The dynamic environment of business simulations allows simulation participants to put concepts into practice in a risk-free environment. Through this kind of experimentation, candidates can put theories to the test, see what works, and become innovative in their solutions to problems.

Learning by doing. Not just listening

Research suggests that we remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 70% of what we discuss with others, and 80% of what we experience ourselves at a personal level. A business simulation allows your people to personally experience the consequences of all the different aspects of business.

Engaged learners & participants

Experiential, hands-on learning engages all the senses. Participants visualize, discuss, plan, receive feedback, and practice real techniques that they will use in the workplace. The game-like nature of business simulations is proven to engage participants and develop deep-learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.

Higher knowledge retention

Experiential learning methodology is the foundation of business simulations and provides a higher level of knowledge retention compared to other instruction methods.

Accelerated learning

A simulation provides a big picture view of operations, meaning that participants are able to grasp a wide range of concepts and materials in a short period of time. By relating their new learnings back to their own company, stickiness increases, and the knowledge follows back to the workplace.

Practical environment for soft skills development

When playing a business simulation participants need to apply and practice important soft skills. These include but are not limited to adaptability and reliability, teamwork, conflict resolution, critical thinking, communication, and problem solving.  Our simulations mimic the real-world factors and challenges that your organization faces. Give your people a holistic and big picture view of processes by scaling everything down to a smaller scale.

Increase entrepreneurial and enterprise skills

Business simulations develop participants’ strategic and holistic thinking, commercial acumen & insight, & decision-making.

Learning to fail and to cope with uncertainty

Failure is never a happy occasion but learning from your own mistakes is key part of self-improvement & development. Our business simulations provide a risk-free environment where failure is safe, yet the lessons learned are genuine, real, and applicable in real life. Research shows strong evidence that failure in a business simulation improves learning, as participants are more likely to reflect on and analyze their decisions when faced with results that do now meet expectations

Flexibility of format

Online business simulations can be applied in a classroom, hybrid, or virtual format. Groups can consist of fewer than 10 participants to thousands. Simulation content can be adjusted according to the target group, and facilitation can be handled by the organization’s own resources or externally.

Our Simulations include

  • Strategy & International Business Management
  • Small Service Business Management
  • Project Management
  • General Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Banking & Financial Services Management
  • Electric Utilities Management
  • Telecom Operator Management
  • Retail Store Management

We work with international partners to deliver well researched and comprehensive simulations.

Our partner’s simulations have been used at

  • Vodafone
  • Home Credit Bank
  • NH Hotels
  • Terrena
  • Midland States Bancorp.
  • Telekom Austria Group
  • Home Credit Bank
  • Capitol Federal Savings Bank

Simulations for Higher Education Sector

Our partners are currently working with many of the world’s top universities and institutes to help the students get a taste of the actual work environment before they graduate. We offer a range of thorough Business Strategy Simulation Games for higher educational institutions and corporations to provide both educators and trainers with a state-of-the-art online team environment, where participants can put into practice their business and decision-making skills.

This helps them prepare much better for the academia to work life transition.  Many of the institutions embed our simulations as part of their degree programs.

Our simulations have been used for MBA, EMBA, Strategy, Hospitality, Marketing, and other programs at universities including the

  • London Business School
  • University of Leeds
  • Coventry University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • ESSCA Budapest
  • Group IBMEC &
  • Neapolis University

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