Nine Tips to Increase Your Self-Confidence

How many times have you wondered you wanted to say something but could not and later ended up regretting it?

Self-confidence is an important factor to be successful in any walk of life. People with self-confidence are more prominent and noticeable.

They tend to achieve their goals more often than not.  On the other hand, people who lack self-confidence often end up being on the losing side quite often. You too need to build your self-confidence if you want to do well in life. Here are nine tips that can help you build that most desired self-confidence:

  1. Positive Self Image

.Self-confidence is found in people who have healthy self-esteem. They know their worth and take decisions based on this knowledge. Although it may sound very basic, a very good way to know and improve your worth is to make a list of your accomplishments every day. Writing and noting down things helps to keep them in mind many times more than just merely having them in your subconscious.

You will be surprised to know how many positive acts you indulge in every day in the life, but which probably go unnoticed by yourself. Once you start looking at this list, your self-confidence will boom.

  1. Clarity about goals

Be clean and clear about your goals. If need be, break your goals into smaller, more sustainable, manageable, and achievable tasks. Give yourself due credit. Pat yourself every time you achieve a minor goal. Research suggests it is likely to boost your confidence. boost your self-confidence, and help you achieve bigger goals. Not only does this work when your managers recognize your effort but also applies when you recognize your efforts.

  1. Learning from a Mentor.
Find an expert or a mentor who can help you understand and reach your goal. Most people, who have done well in life, have a mentor who has traveled the same road on which they are traveling today. This helps you to avoid the mistakes that they made and help you learn immensely from their experience. Just don’t rely on a one-off meeting to do wonders. Try to meet your mentor regularly and seek his input and support as a routine. Your knowledge and experience will begin to increase steadily.
Who do you spend time with?

This is important! Surround yourself with like-minded people who are positive, supportive, and have similar or preferably bigger goals than yourself. Support is a two-way process. As much as possible, avoid people who are negative and critical of you. Such people just bring down your self-confidence. They will make you see the glass as half empty. After some time, you get engrossed in their cynical and negative worldview that you start believing every word they say. Cut such people out of your life.

  1. Your appearance

Pay attention to how you come across to others and how you look. Make it a habit of wearing dapper clothes and appearing well-trimmed. It makes you feel good. People will too look at you differently. Remember that people love to be found in the company of stylish, intelligent, successful people. You can soon be a center of attraction if you emit a positive, smart look.

  1. Learning from Failures

Don’t be afraid of failures. I know this is easier said than done. Try to take failures in your stride and move on. Don’t ever let failures overwhelm you by indulging in overthinking. Failures tend to force you into a shell and crush your self-confidence. A better way is to try to ignore your failures as something inconsequential and take on a new challenge. Try to learn from your mistakes and be very realistic about your capabilities.

  1. Staying Fit & Healthy

Keep yourself healthy and physically fit by exercising regularly and controlling your diet. A fit and healthy person is much more active, both mentally and physically, and is likely to achieve much more than others. Physical fitness, like self-confidence, reflects in your body language and on your face.

  1. Expand and extend yourself

Don’t live in a silo. Try to have a wide range of interests and take an active interest in what’s going on in the world.  Keep yourself updated with what’s making the headlines in the world. Meet and talk to different people. Don’t exert all your attention only on your work and on your problems. Try to take a more strategic and holistic view. Divert your attention to new interests and new tasks. This will open your mind to new opportunities and help you see beyond the obvious.

  1. Follow your passion & try new things

Don’t forget to take part in activities that you are good at and the ones that interest you. Did you excel at things in the past and then gave them up due to lack of time. As soon as possible, try to return to those activities again and see your self-confidence shoot. It is not just about old hobbies, learning comes from something new. Try to pick up a new hobby or craft that interests you. It will keep you occupied. It will also increase your self-confidence as you become more skilled in it.

Remember this is not a magic ball. Self-confidence is not an event, it is a process and it takes time. The more you work on the above activities, the better you will feel about yourself. The process has to be sustainable and long-term so that maximum impact is achieved.

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