Recent Projects

Assessment Centre at ABL

We ran promotion assessments for senior employees at Allied bank using tools from the Aston Business Assessments as well as Cambridge University. The results were insightful and ABL was able to streamline their promotions based on our interventions. We have successfully run three sessions for the executives in the last year and a half. The latest one also incorporated premium leadership reports by Aston Assessments.

Assessment & Coaching at Descon

To prepare the Descon leaders for greater challenges, we ran a Leadership Development program using MBTI Step II assessment for more than 50 top employees including the head of HR and other department heads. Step II is the most advanced form of the MBTI and helps understand one’s self in much more insightful and detailed way. All the top managers were provided one to one coaching and feedback on their reports

MBTI Signature workshop at Interloop

We ran MBTI Personal Impact reports and coaching sessions for the top executives and heads at Interloop, one of Pakistan’s most successful manufacturer and exporter in the textile sector. Participants raised their self-awareness level, understanding and working on their blind spots and devising individual plans.

TRAIT (Big Five) Assessment & Coaching at LUMS

We intervened in a language course for the staff at Pakistan’s most prestigious university. The contrasting background of participants and the fact that they were working full time warranted an assessment that would help them create a clear development path which incorporated the course learning as well. We use the Aston Assessment’s Development report to help them understand their strengths as well as their potential blind spots.

MBTI Signature Workshop on Conflict at Faysal Bank

Managing conflict can be a difficult task for branch managers of any bank. We ran assessment based MBTI Conflict Management workshop and the results were amazing. The participation was tremendous and the results were impressive. We helped them understand to see a person who has a different personality as someone who complements us in a team.

MBTI Leadership & Stress Signature workshop at CTO

We ran a signature MBTI workshop on leadership for top leaders at CTO247 (A Stewart International Company). The IT sector is different dynamics and is challenging from others because it includes meeting tight deadlines whilst showing flexibility and innovation to come up with new solution for client companies. We initially ran MBTI based Leadership and followed it up with an MBTI Stress Management program which helped the participants understand their stress dynamics and create individual development plans

Trait Assessments at Cure MD

CureMD is a fast growing IT company in the health sector in the US and we were tasked to run development reports for their employees. We chose the Aston’s Trait reports as they are one of the most comprehensive Big Five tools available.

Employee Development using TRAIT at Shifa Hospitals

We ran Aston’s development reports (mapped on Big-Five) for executives at one of Pakistan’s biggest hospitals, the Shifa hospital. We provided avenues for development for employees and helped them to see themselves from others perspectives and create sustainable development paths.

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