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Manzar Bashir

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MCIPD 100%
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Manzar always had a deep fascination with human nature and the personalities that we often portray. In his early work as a business psychologist, he successfully connected the dots through the use of psychometric assessments, behavioral interviews, and career coaching/development, he can effectively pinpoint people’s personality traits and skills to help lead them (and their employers) in the right direction of their professional desires. His work in this ever-evolving, evergreen field has continued for over 15 years, and his in-depth psychological knowledge and experience have helped hundreds of companies (and people) utilize their employees in a way that is mutually beneficial and symbiotic to their personalities and mental abilities.

Manzar is a Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), a Certified Business Psychologist from the Association for Business Psychology UK and a specialist in test use from the British Psychological Society UK.

He has successfully worked with many high-profile clients such as the U.S. Embassy, Emirates Group, the State Bank of Pakistan, and Civil Services of Pakistan to help determine which candidates and employees are primed for promotions and which needed further development. He has led teams that vetted over 15,000 candidates to correctly identify the most suitable fresh executives required with the appropriate personalities that go with each person.

He works with C level executives in multinational corporations to provide credible, tailored assessments to my clients that drastically improve hiring & development decisions. In turn, the companies save thousands of dollars of overhead from employers interviewing candidates and not getting any insight into who they are and what their work habits would be like if hired. Some of the tools that Manzar uses include Hogan, Giotto, Saville, SOSIE, MBTI, Trait, and EiQ-3D. You can see more of his work and blogs at www.manzar.co.